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What are the alternative throws and how are they different from each other?


There are alternative throwing options that can sometimes yield better results (greater distance, accuracy, etc.).

  • Grenade: Hold the disc upside down and throw like you would if you were throwing a backhand. This throw is used mostly on downhill shots, but canalso be used with a high arc to go aver an obstacle.
  • Hatchet or Tomahawk: Throw the disc as if you're throwing sidearm, but use an overhead motion instead.
  • Turbo-Putt: Grip a putter disc with each fingertip. With palm up and fingers spread, rest putter on your thumb, with 4 fingers on back side of the rim. When throwing the disc toward the target, add spin by turning your wrist. This throw is known to be accurate, but has a limited range most of the time.
  • Thumber: Hold the disc as if you're going to throw it in an overhand motion, overhead throw similar to Tomahawk but keep your thumb on the underside of the disc.
  • Roller: This can be thrown forehand or backhand. Meant to roll on the ground, this throw gets the disc to stay in motion for long distances.

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