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Q. What are the different discs?


  • Putters are the most similar to a regular Frisbee disc. They flight straight and slow and are almost always used for controlled throws close to the target/basket. Sometimes, they're used when obstacles (trees, etc) are present on the course.
  • Mid-range discs slip through the air better due to sharper edges. They're faster and have a much longer range than the putter discs do. These discs are a good choice for the beginning player and can be used as an all-around option.
  • Drivers have sharp, beveled edges. Weight isn't distributed equally through these discs, but instead is centered around the edges. There are three subcategories of driver discs, which vary depending on the disc brand. Beginning player should start with fairway, long, or mid-range drivers. These are lighter and easier to control.


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