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We know it can be hard to play a game without knowing the rules. The knowledgeable staff at Rapid Fire Disc Golf will teach you the rules and get you ready for game play quickly.

Curious about disc golf? Check out our FAQs!

Q. What are the basic rules of disc golf?

A. Disc golf is very similar to regular golf when it comes to game play. The object is to get from the beginning of the course (where there is a designated tee-off area) to the end by throwing the disc as few times as possible. Every consecutive toss is done from the spot where the previous throw ended. The number of throws on each hole will determine the score for that hole. A hole is completed when a player’s disc comes to rest in the elevated basket. After adding any penalty throws, then adding all hole scores together, you'll have your end score.

The player with the lowest score wins. 

Q. How many different disc categories are there?

A. There are typically three different types of discs you'll use in a game:

Q. How many ways can I throw a disc?

A. The two basic (and most common) ways to throw a disc are forehand and backhand. Alternative ways exist as well.

Q. How does scoring work for each hole?

A. When it comes to scoring, there are many different methods, but scratch play is the most commonly used. Other methods include handicap scoring, match play, best shot doubles, speed play, and what is known as skins.

Q. What does PDGA stand for?

A. The Professional Disc Golf Association. This is the membership organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of disc golf for all players – amateur and professional alike.The benefits are many!


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